8 Amazing Places to Visit in Cali?

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Cali has its fair share of palm-lined plazas, delicious cuisine, and bustling markets where you can while away the day. There are not so many tourist attractions, but you will not get bored here. You can see and experience culture, food, neighbourhoods, and nightlife.

You can stay active and get moving in various ways, including salsa dancing in the city where it was born, hiking up to the best viewpoints in town, and visiting the Ro Pence in the nearby national park. Along with a riverside walk right through the heart of the city. Book a Flight Lufthansa airline, and here are some fantastic suggestions for Cali.

The Cali Zoo

The Cali Zoo is one of the most beautiful in South America, and almost everyone recommends visiting it. They have an extensive collection of Colombian animals and animals from all over South America and even lions, tigers, and kangaroos. The Cali River runs through it, and there are fish ponds, native flora, and free-roaming iguanas and peacocks everywhere. Book your Lufthansa Airlines Flight ticket and explore Cali zoo.


If you can’t get enough salsa, make a reservation to see Delirio, Cali’s famous salsa circus. These dancers have performed worldwide, and they only perform here on the last week of each month, so plan your trip around one of them. The shows feel like a mash-up of music, dancing, and Cirque du Soleil, with a dash of cabaret thrown in for good measure. The performances are held in a circus-style tent with 1,000 seats, and you are allowed to get up and dance between acts. There are many flights from Lufthansa Airlines reservations book as per your preference.


You’ll hear upbeat music all over town, and there are plenty of places to learn how to salsa dance, including El Manicero, Son de Luz, and Swing Latino. If you visit between Christmas and New Year’s, when the city’s La Feria de Cali takes place, expect salsa parades, street dancing, and musical performances by famous artists. Also, get amazing deals on Lufthansa Airlines Flight Booking.

Local Cali cuisine

Cali, San Antonio’s bohemian neighbourhood, is the city’s oldest park and is ideal for a meandering walk through narrow streets. Much of the town’s history can be found here, with a plethora of intricately designed buildings, theatres, and artsy cafes where you can stop for a bite and some people watching. Previously, this area was home to many Colombian artists and writers, but it is now a trendy coffee spot.

The Rio Cali 

The Rio Cali is located in the city’s northwestern outskirts, and its banks are lined with pedestrian areas, bike lanes, statues, and shady areas where you can relax. This city improvement project houses a three-ton bronze cat donated by Colombian artist Hernando Tejada. Today, there are 15 smaller cat statues in the park, painted by local artists. Parque del Peon is also nearby, and there are numerous places to sit outside with vendors selling ice cream, raspados, and cold drinks.

Cali’s main square

Cali’s main square, this palm-tree-filled plaza, is the city’s beating heart and a great place to people-watch. Admire the government buildings and national monuments in the crowds and try some street food. You’ll see the Palacio Nacional, San Pedro Cathedral, and Edificio Otero, and you’ll be able to sip a coffee or Tinto while admiring the neoclassical architecture.

Nightlife and Bars

Barrio Granada is a popular neighbourhood with excellent dining and nightlife, but it is a little further out. La Sexta and the surrounding area are teeming with bars, nightclubs, and salsa dancers. Many tourists will stick to the bars in San Antonio, but make a point of visiting Parque del Perro at least once to see where the locals and students congregate. In case if you want to make any changes in your booking, you can easily do it by Lufthansa Airlines manage booking.

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