7 techniques you should know to speed up your Samsung a52 phones


Can you tell me what features will you need for purchasing the best smartphone? We know your answer will be excellent features, reliable performance and stylish appearance. But, what if you got a phone which is offering you a lot of exciting features but cannot provide you as much speed that you require then what will you do?

The speed of a smartphone is one of the essential aspects that can support you to enjoy your experience of utilizing the advanced features or applications. Well, in terms of mobile phone speed Samsung mobile phones can be a good choice. But, do you know that there is something that can boost up your phone speed?

If you are a Samsung mobile phone user and you are unknown about the techniques of boosting up the phone speed then this article will help you to disclose the secrets. Here, we are going to demonstrate you the techniques of boosting up the speed of Samsung a52 mobile.

What are the features that can increase the speed of a mobile?

Before, starting with the further discussion, we now need to know what the features are that can enhance the speed of a smartphone. And the answer is the speed of a smartphone depends on its RAM and ROM capacity. If you purchase a phone that can offer you huge memory capacity, then you are lucky because it will support you with enhanced mobile speed.

Now, as we are discussing the Samsung a52 and its speed then we must tell you the memory capacity of this mobile. The Samsung a52 is supported with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM or an internal storage facility. However, the empowerment of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G also enhances the speed of this mobile.

Now, we must move on to the main objective of our article, which is how to boost up the speed of a Samsung a52 mobile. Let’s have a glance at the following section to know the details.

Tips and tricks to speed up the Samsung mobile

  1. You can use the Developer option on the Samsung a52 mobile to make your phone faster. So, what you will need to do is go to the settings option and tap the About Phone option.

Therefore, choose the Software option and here you will get another option while saying Build Number.

Now, tap the screen about seven to eight times.

Followed by it’s going to open up a new option which is called as Developer, you can find this option at the bottom of the screen.

At the next step turn off the Animation Scales and enjoy the fastest browsing experience.

  1. Clearing the junk and cache files will help you to speed up Samsung mobile phones.
  2. Delete all the unnecessary files and applications from your Samsung a52 mobile for accessing the fastest speed.
  3. You can enable the Data saver mode to get the fastest speed in your Samsung mobile phones.
  4. Turn off the auto-sync mode of your Samsung a52 mobile and enjoy the fastest speed.
  5. You can also install the custom ROM in your Samsung mobile phones for enjoying the fastest speed.
  6. And last but not least, update the version of your phone Operating System in a scheduled manner. This will automatically boost up the speed of your Samsung a52

Try all the tips and tricks that we have mentioned above and enjoy the fastest speed for accessing the Samsung mobile phones. Don’t you have a Samsung mobile? Want to purchase the Samsung a52 mobile? Then go to the Bajaj finserv EMI store, it won’t burn your pocket for purchasing a mobile by providing an easy EMI scheme through the Bajaj finserv EMI network card.

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