7 Beautiful Things to Do in Paramaribo?


Guys if you are willing to take a trip to the city of Paramaribo, then have a minute to read this article. This city imparts some of the most splendid attractions along with a series of rich cultures and heritage.

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Read this write-up and acquire more about the various beautiful locations in this city: 

Full-Day Guided Commewijne Plantation Tour 

Visit Paramaribo en Commewijne by crossing the famous Jules Wijdenbosch bridge. Watch out for the beautiful view of this site while driving through the district Commewijne. You will find the locals busy doing the daily tasks. Find out the lot vendors selling fruit and vegetables alongside the road. Enjoy this tour that informs you about the history of the several plantations which you will visit.

Neotropical Butterfly Park and Colakreek

Visit the Neotropical Park and Colakreek site which is a relaxing tour where you get information about our butterfly park. This place runs a wood carving business by people of the Maroon culture and pottery business which is mostly run by Indigenous.

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Saramacca and Coronie 

Saramacca is a place of pilgrimage for this group of Surinamese and the crematorium om Paramaribo, which can be reached by bus/car to Weg Naar Zee to visit a Hindu temple. Visit this halt which is popular as Saramacca, to meet the people who live from cattle breeding and the cultivation of rice and vegetables. Visit Groningen, which is the capital of Saramacca, and has the smallest square with the most monuments exhibiting the multicultural history of Suriname. In this area in the past, their livelihood was attained through the cultivation of coconut. Coronie is also recognized for its beekeeping, pure honey, and waving coconut palms.

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Fort Zeelandia

Fort Zeelandia is a beautiful fortress located in Paramaribo, Suriname. Watch out for this iconic place which was built in 1640. This French-built is a wooden fort on the spot, which is present here since during the British colonial days was reinforced and thereby became Fort Willoughby. This historic building was taken by the Dutch in 1667 and renamed Fort Zeelandia.

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Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral

The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul is also known as Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral is a wooden Roman Catholic cathedral which is located in the center of the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname. Visit this Catholic congregation in the city which was originally used as a church adopted in 1826. Visit this famous church of St Peter and Paul which is the largest all-wood church in the world, and is located in the heart of Paramaribo. This site is easily accessible and can be checked in from the side entrance. Watch out for the stunning pink exterior which is striking, and is especially protuberant in the nearby buildings.

Commewijne River

The Commewijne district is located fair east of Paramaribo on the additional side of the Suriname River. Come to this place to visit different villages where in the past, glory period was there as sugar, cocoa, coffee, and cotton were planted here. So, for their protection, several military posts and forts have been built for the flowering plantations and the homeland and at the same time as support for Fort Zeelandia, in 1734. Visit the Commewijne River cruise which is a historical boat trip on the Commewijne River having the main attraction being a visit to plantation Frederiksdorp to adore the most beautiful restored plantation houses.

Brownsberg Nature Park

Brownsberg Nature Park is a beautiful nature reserve which is located in Suriname. Visit this site which measures 12,000 ha and is settled over in the district of Brokopondo around 130 km south of the capital city Paramaribo. Reach this park that has a 500-meter high Brownsberg which is the central point of the park. Come to this awesome site which is located near the Brokopondo Reservoir which is managed by STINASU. This Brownsberg Nature Park is a protected area and is currently regularly threatened by unlawful, extractive activities which include logging and gold mining at the borders of the Park. You will find the tourism facilities on the Brownsberg plateau are now inadequately utilized. Enjoy this wonderful site with your family or friends.

This city is famous for housing several other sightseers which won’t disappoint you at all.

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