7 Amazing Places to Visit in Baltimore?

If you are new to the city of Baltimore and are looking for things to do in the city or places to roam then check out this article. The city of Poe’s is home to the POE’s history and his life. The city is famous for sheltering many attractive tourist destinations in the US, Maryland.

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You will not be laid down amidst all the splendid sightseeing in this city. So, friends pack your bags and tune in to this article to know more about the city’s stunning spots of this city.

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is situated in the heart of the city and offers a pleasant atmosphere while having a small walk through the different levels. This stunning museum is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city. Travel this city and watch out for the beautiful blacktip reef sharks in this museum beside you at various levels as you move on walking above. Catch the most splendid views of the wild extremes of Australia, tropical rainforest, and various natural habitats.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan is one of the most popular destinations that exhibits Poe’s life and the place where his writings are exhibited. This highly popular place will make you acquire Poe’s and start writing his short stories. Come to this site to watch out for some amazing places like where he used to stay and the place he died mysteriously. You will find a holy place as this house that has been still well-preserved. The public is allowed to walk on the spot where Poe used to stay and walk around. Watch out for all the walls that are well-plastered, amazing woodwork preserved as before.

Public markets

public markets would be an ideal place to shop around if you are looking for someplace for shopping and some antique collections. A trip to this market will certainly make you go swoon over the old antique shops, and top-class restaurants, and special items like beef tongue, rabbits, and many more. This marketplace is two centuries old and houses the famous Lexington Market, present here since 1782 to explore and is worth watching. So, guys, tour this area for shopping and to enjoy the local food eateries, fried ice creams, cookies, fudge.

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Tour John Hopkins University

The Tour John Hopkins University is open for visitors and is the must-visit place which is located in North Baltimore. This site was made in 1800 and is one of the best places housing universities to explore. Come here to discover at each corner of the University and stroll here and meet many undergraduates who are studying in the John Hopkins Homewood Campus.

Charm City Circulator shuttle bus

Charm City Circulator shuttle bus is a bus service that provides a free shuttle bus service to every resident in the city. This service is completely environmentally eco-friendly which runs through four routes in the city consisting of hybrid electric vehicles. Make sure to try out this service which is completely tax-free for tourists and residents. So, guys watch out for the famous landmarks through this service which needs 10-15 minutes between each bus shuttle.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Oriole Park, is a pleasure park, having individual admiration which is located at Camden Yards. Visit this huge park that houses the confederation ballparks inside that are popular sites in this area. The local team has won many world series at this place so, make sure you plan a trip here for watching the games or touring.

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