6 Ways To Prevent Your Countertop From Damage

Undoubtedly, kitchens are the most important room in any house. No home comes to its completion without a kitchen. Not only it is the most utilized space in any home, but it is also the true place for sharing, and bonding. Traditionally, the kitchen is the place to prepare meals. No matter how big or small your space is, the use of the kitchen is still evolving. Kitchen countertops are always necessary for every kitchen and are among the hardest features of your home. Kitchen countertop suppliers and manufacturers intend to build their surfaces to withstand food preps, cleaning, and many more. 

Countertops are always a great investment. It is important to keep in mind the best kind of countertop your kitchen requires. Minor damages are common, but if these minor scratches are not cured on time, it leads to serious damages without realizing it. 

Damages can happen anywhere, If you need convenience, we have listed the 5 most important kitchen tricks and ways that help out you in preventing any damage in your kitchen.   

  1. Use gentler cleaners
  2. Keep surface dry
  3. Avoid hot appliances
  4. Avoid cutting directly
  5. Avoid putting so much weight
  6. Work on different areas

Use gentler cleaners

Countertop surfaces are always hard, it does not mean that they need no maintenance. They can crack due to high pressure and excessive loads. Countertops usually have a gentler surface, but may lose their sheen when expose to tough cleaning agents.

Do not try to use harsh or acidic cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia. Instead, a mixture of soap and hot water is enough to clean your kitchen countertop even to prevent fading. Acidic cleaners can cause high damage to your stone and granite countertop.  Follow the right cleaning procedure to get the right results with the maximum life. 

Keep surface dry

Wet surfaces look bad, even water can stain your countertop. Make sure to keep your surface dry. Wipe out the surface with a soft towel or fabric to dry immediately to prevent stains. Although the material used for the countertops will not get stained easily, it is still important to keep your surface dry. However, if the spills are not cleaned properly, they will result in hard stains. Undoubtedly, countertops are durable, but they begin to crack if absorb moisture. 

Avoid hot appliances

Although the kitchen countertops are designed to be so hard naturally, there is always a tendency to do everything. As direct sunlight can cause serious fades to your countertop, what would the hot pans can do? The direct heat can fade some sealants on granite and especially the wood counters. You can take necessary recommendations from your kitchen countertop suppliers regarding temperature effect, weight-bearing, and many more. 

Avoid cutting directly

Chopping boards are a great accessory everyone should have in their kitchen. Cutting directly on the countertop because the small scratches can be very harmful to the surface of your countertop.

Chopping, slicing, or dicing directly is never a good idea. If you want to prevent your countertop from these issues, you can just avoid exposing the surface to further damage. This may lead your countertop with splitting or peeling edges. These are the typical issues usually happening with the laminate countertop.

Avoid putting so much weight 

The cost of granite countertops is heavy themselves, but they are also sensitive to the heavyweight. By putting excessive weight on your countertop can lead to making cracks in it. Heavy kitchen utensils do not cause damage, but a regular do will cause serious issues. Sometimes, to get into the upper cabinets, we took the advantage of our shelves and countertop for standing.

A tiny crack can spread into the whole slab and lead to a significant split. Make sure to avoid sitting or standing over your countertop and keep excess weight off to the counter. 

Work on different areas

Using one space in repetition can result in scratches. This leads to portray a bad look of your entire kitchen. Try not to use the same place for preparing food. Over time, the particular section will suffer lots of scratches, and cracks. By utilizing multiple spaces of your kitchen countertop in repeating the motion, will prevent scratches, peeling, fading, and uneven tears.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is the necessary part of every home, and so it maintains it. As damages can happen but the best way is to know the ways to prevent damage to happen. No matter what material your kitchen countertop supplier is offering to you, keeping it in good shape and condition is necessary. 

Preventing accidental damage to your kitchen countertop can extend the lifespan of your kitchen. If you are conscious of your money, you must have to take good care of your kitchen and avoid damage. By following the above-mentioned tips, your countertop does not even last longer, but also gives your kitchen a good appearance. 


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