5 Ways To Save Your Furniture From Bugs

Your parents might have told you about the bed bug bite. Every 1 out of 5 either has bugs or knows someone facing this problem. And the problem is still alive. It is getting a lot worse. Known in the scientific world as Cimex lectularius, bed bugs are blood-feeding insects about the size of an apple seed once they’re fully grown. 

Bugs are smart enough and can easily dig into your luxury living room furniture or anywhere in your room. Luckily we can be even brighter, and science provides us with many ways to control and get rid of bugs from our homes. You need to know what to do. We love to find simple ways to keep ourselves safe and healthy, especially if that means taking care of blood-sucking parasites one steam away.  The name “bed bug” indicates that they only live in beds. But bed bugs will live about anywhere they can hide. That means you can find them behind light switches, underneath peeling paint or wallpaper, or in the gap between the walls as well. 

To make it convenient for you, we have listed some of the ways so you can prevent your furniture from these bugs.  

Bed bugs hate the heat

So, you have had the bed bugs forever, and they can hide anywhere. How can we get rid of them? The heat is the simplest way to wipe out a bed bug infestation. Both eggs and adults will die under the heat exposure of 46 degrees Celsius. Another method used to clear bed bugs out of furniture was to pack the joints of your furniture. 

By releasing steam, you can help take care of bed bugs. Steam also helps entice the bugs out of hiding spaces at high enough temperatures. If steam isn’t your cup of tea, find the eggs and set your hairdryer on. High bed bugs do not move their eggs around, so this is a way to kill them off slowly. 

Homemade vinegar spray 

As vinegar is an acid solution, it can be used to make a spray to kill bed bugs. You need to fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the bugs directly, where pests can quickly enter your home with white vinegar. You can also prepare the solution of Cayenne pepper, oregano, and ginger. It is another spray you can use involving various items you might already have in your spice rack mix; cayenne pepper, oregano, and ginger with water; put it in a spray bottle, and target the affected areas. Oregano has a strong scent that will ward off the bedbugs when combined with the spiciness of cayenne pepper and ginger.

Use essential oils 

According to a study on oil-based products, use essential oils to make an insecticide. These natural products contain geraniol, rosemary oil, mint oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, eugenol clove oil, and lemongrass oil. If you want to make a spray, you can mix the oils of your own choices in water and put them into a spray bottle. 

Use cock around your house

As bed bugs tend to invade your house by sneaking in through the cracks around the windows, doors, and even walls, taking away their free pass into your home can prevent them from even entering. In the first place, you must have to find openings around your house, especially by tracking where the bedbugs end up. 

Use black walnut 

Having a juglone component, you can use the black walnut tea to care for bed bugs. You need some used tea bags and place them around your house; you can use a spray bottle with the tea instead of teabags. Bed bugs can hibernate themselves. Even though bed bugs hate the heat, you can’t just wait for them to die on a hot summer’s day for a couple of reasons. First of all, just because it is 46 degrees outside doesn’t mean it’s 46 degrees where the bed bugs are living. It is a lot more comfortable. 

But more importantly, bed bugs are capable of diapause; it is a deep sleep, where the bed bug closes off most of its metabolic procedures and survives on its power stores until it either runs out of energy or rouses up.

Final Thoughts

Modern bed bug treatments can be effective, but they are costly and not as reliable as they are supposed to be. There are other pyrethroids, for example, that do not have so many harmful side effects. You can try using those against bed bugs, but the bugs have evolved a near-complete immunity to them. Today, bed bugs are ten thousand times less vulnerable to pyrethroids than years ago.

If you want to protect your living and your modern dining set from these bugs, steam treatments are effective: hot steam will kill bed bugs and eggs. But the moisture needs to directly contact the bugs to kill them, which can be tough If they are, like, inside your mattress. It can make your cost run into thousands of dollars.


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