5 Reasons Why Your Hair Color Should Be Organic & Natural

Organic hair color

Organic hair color options are on the rise, and more people are choosing to switch to natural hair dyes to skip using harsh chemicals, while looking forward to better-looking locks. Whether you’re planning on making the switch or you’re just curious about why organic hair color makes sense, here are five reasons why organic hair color is far better than chemical hair colours.

  1. Makes Hair Healthy, Keeps You Away from Deadly Diseases

When you have hair color applied in a salon, they usually use semi-permanent or permanent colorants. They also put a pre-color conditioner in your hair so that when they apply the semi-permanent dye, it coats all of your hair evenly. This means that both of these products contain potentially hazardous chemicals that will end up on your scalp and stay in your pores unless you vigorously remove them. These chemicals can then travel through your body and disrupt organ function if they’re not detoxed properly. Now some people argue that some dyes are safer than others; some dyes are made without ammonia (which is an irritant), for example. But even dyes made without ammonia can contain PPD (paraphenylenediamine) or lead acetate (toxic) as coloring agents. And since hair dye is consumed internally, rather than externally like sunscreen or deodorant, there really is no safe level of exposure; even small amounts could potentially cause cancer over time.

  1. Colors that Last for up to 6 Weeks

While some dyes can wash out within a few weeks, organic hair color keeps your tresses natural for longer. This means you’ll spend less time in salons and more time on fun activities with friends or family! And who doesn’t love that? Organic hair color often fades more naturally than non-organic colors, making it less damaging to your hair. If you want to keep up with trends but still want healthy hair, organic hair dye is probably right for you. Organic hair dyes use all-natural ingredients (like henna) instead of toxic chemicals, which end up staying on your hair from 4 to 6 weeks.

  1. No Ammonia, No Hair Damage

Ammonia is used in most permanent hair colors, and it irritates the scalp. When you choose an organic hair color, you skip out on ammonia and still get a deep, rich color. There are also some great organic options for natural-looking highlights or lowlights that are just as easy to apply. With no ammonia, they’re much less likely to damage your hair. So no more chemical burns!

  1. No Bleach, So No Increased Hair Greying

One reason to consider going organic when you color your hair is that it comes with no bleach, or peroxides. Regular usage of bleach turns even the naturally black or coloured hair white, as bleach blocks the natural colour producing enzyme Tyrosinase. This increases the rate of hair greying, giving you more and more grey hair each time you colour your hair with chemicals.

  1. Environment Friendly

Natural hair dyes, like henna and indigo, are two of nature’s best colorants, and they use ingredients that you can pronounce. Many commercial dyes, on the other hand, can be loaded with ammonia and parabens. Try looking for products that use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. If we want to make our planet healthier and greener, we should start by focusing on what we put in and onto our bodies!

In Conclusion

Indu Valley Organic hair color is very much better for your hair in terms of health. It’s less damaging to your scalp and body in general—and also better for the ecology. If you are thinking about changing your hair color but worrying about feeble colouring effects, then it’s high time that you give this option a try. Due to advancement in technology many new and innovative organic concoctions are being constantly churned out to give you stunning colouration that’s also totally safe for your body. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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