3 Features to Look at While Closing On A Dental Software

Dental Software

Dentistry is a profession that is continuously evolving with rapid time. In the present scenario, it is gaining increased popularity in the technical aspects. Take a look at this article and learn about some of the fantastic features of dental software that will help you close the deal and choose the best software for dental needs.

A Quick Checklist

Take a quick look at the broad range of features that are present in dental software:

  • Communication with patients
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Billing patients and insurance companies
  • Several clinical documentation including compiling notes and patient charts
  • Processing insurance claims
  • Time tracking and staff scheduling
  • Process payments that include credit card processing
  • Reports
  • Sharing data about patients with certain other authorized providers
  • Dental and medical records
  • Patient registration and details
  • Past medical emergencies during a dental visit
  • Treatment plan
  • Diagnosis
  • Allergies to certain medicines
  • Medicines administered
  • Dental expenditure and materials list
  • Patient appointment reminder through phone call or SMS

What Are the Important Features to Consider While Choosing Dental software?

Take a look to learn some of the excellent features of dental software that are mentioned below in the article:

● Two-Way Texting to Simplify the Process

Some of the vital processes in dental software consist of onboarding new dental patients, educating the patients regarding various treatment plans, efficiently communicating with the patients, preparing the documents related to the patient data, preparing bills and sending them to the patients etc. All of these tasks can be easily carried on with the help of two way texting.

Software that comes with two way texting allows the patients to express their issues without any hindrances. Dentists can solve their doubts and deliver adequate solutions with just a few clicks. Patients can relax in their comfort zone and heal themselves by seeking professional help.

The software’s accuracy helps to simplify the entire procedure with utmost ease. Apart from that, it will enable both parties to save a lot of their time. Two-way texting can also help streamline the dental care process seamlessly.

● Auto Reminders

The feature of automated appointment reminders helps reduce the need to get in touch with each particular dental patient. The staff no longer need to devote their time to engage with them. Instead, the employees and staff can involve themselves in performing certain other productive activities. Dental patients might miss out on their appointment without a reminder, which unfortunately affects their health significantly. With automated reminders, patients get continuous care from the providers.

They no longer tend to forget about their appointments. It enables the patients to receive annual treatment and assessments that are highly required to ensure top-notch wellness. Last but not least, this feature boosts patient satisfaction. An automated text or an SMS is a more convenient method to receive specific information.

● Online Booking

Scheduling a dental appointment should be a cakewalk; it is not supposed to be complicated. With the online booking service, even a layman can also get the opportunity to book their appointment and get in touch with the dental practitioners. It demands minimal effort and time from both parties.

This feature will also help you to save a lot of time. You can choose to roll on your shorts and book an appointment simultaneously. This will increase the efficiency of the overall process. Apart from that, online booking also comes with online payment, which is highly convenient in the present day.

The Bottom Line

These are some essential features that you need to check out before closing a deal. Take your time and perform the necessary research before making any decision.

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