11 Easy Ways to Completely Revamp Your Play Card Boxes

It is true that playing card boxes are used for storing cards. However, the idea of personalized playing card boxes can be applied to a lot more than just cards. You can decorate your boxes with different colors, designs and even use them as a container for small items.

Moreover, you should always buy quality playing cards first and foremost because this is what will determine the overall experience of using these boxes. You don’t want to give your clients or customers poor-quality card sets, right? So, make sure you purchase high-quality packs of playing cards.

In this blog post, we will share 11 ways to revamp your playing card packaging boxes and make them patronizable.

Make Unique Design for Your Playing Card Boxes:

You can use your creativity to design a unique box for your playing cards. You can cut the sides of the card boxes and add ribbons or strings attached with bows in them so that you don’t have to tape them. Furthermore, you can also paint different designs on these boxes; just be sure not to make any permanent markings by mistake because once these marks are on the box, you cannot remove them.

Add Monogram to Your Boxes:

You can add a name or monogram to make your playing card boxes personalized and unique in their own way. If you want, you also have the option of adding cool logos for a fun twist in these designs. You can even put company names on each box if this is what you want.

Once you have designed your boxes in the way that you like, simply print out what you created on paper and cut it to size so that they fit perfectly inside of each box. Afterward, simply place them back into the boxes as quickly as possible before anyone notices! And voila, revamp done within no time at all!

Add Unique Patterns to Your Packaging Boxes:

If you want to revamp your packages, you can also add cool patterns to them. You can get these custom printed at any printing company. This is something that you should do if you want the boxes to look more fun and exciting than they did before.

These patterns will definitely give a distinctive look to your boxes. The trick here is to place the box out in a way that it will be visible enough without being too obvious, as you do not want people peeking into what’s inside of them.

Make Use of Interesting Shapes:

You will be able to gain inspiration for shapes by looking around your house or using anything in it as an example, such as a lampshade, vase, etc. Usually, play card producers use standard shape boxes to pack these cards, but you can definitely use something different.

These unique shapes always entice the customers, and they will be interested in buying them. So, making unique and attractive shapes will definitely help you to boost your business.

Use Interesting Colors:

For example, if you’re using the standard cigar box shape, then try making it stand out by coloring its lid in a bright neon color or even painting flowers on it to give it that rustic look!

Additionally, don’t forget to include creative labels for each and every one of your packages! You can easily create a personalized label using any software on the computer.

Finish off with Creative Labels:

Additionally, don’t forget to include creative labels for each and every one of your packages! You can easily create a personalized label using any software on the computer.

So, you’ve figured out how to revamp your playing card boxes beautifully, but that’s not all! Your cards need an equally beautiful home, too, right? So, focus on labeling your boxes.

Make Them Magnetic:

Add some magnets to their backs so that they may be attached to metal surfaces for more convenience and avoid tarnishing. It will surprise your customers and will give a unique approach to hit the market.

These magnetic may increase little costs for your packaging boxes, but they will definitely help in the future.

Include a Box Insert:

It is better to include an extra cardboard box insert for your playing cards as they will be safe from all sides and avoid any damage during transportation or storage. You can create these inserts easily by yourself, but if you do not have enough time, then order them online at affordable rates. It will definitely help you out!

Giving Extra Protection:

While revamping the boxes of your product, make sure that they are strong enough to handle some rough usage on roads or airports during transit; therefore, choose sturdy material which can bear wear and tear of daily use; otherwise, it may cause damages to cards inside making customers unhappy with their purchase. Thus, keep this point in mind while choosing great materials for

Add Custom Hangtags:

Custom hang tags add an element of personalization and branding to your products by displaying information like company name, logo design, product specifications, etc., which contributes towards customer loyalty, bringing in more profit. The best part about these tags is that it’s easy-to-use and cost-effective.

Hang tags are a small but powerful tool that has the power to increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, and sales conversions by just adding some company name, logo design, product specifications, etc., which can be designed in various shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. The best part about them is they’re easy to use & affordable!

Include Some Freebies:

Include a freebie to make the box more appealing. For example, you can give away a keychain or an umbrella with your company name and logo design printed on it as a promotional product!

When designing tuck packaging boxes for your playing cards, always keep in mind that they should be able to hold at least one deck of cards without creasing them. Also, choose a material that has durability & is long-lasting, so you don’t have to constantly redesign them every other month.

There are many companies that provide their services for revamping old playing card boxes into new ones; all you need do is place an order by giving details about the specifications along with some necessary images. You may also go online and check out different designs before finalizing one.


All these ways are very effective in boosting your sales of custom playing cards. So, if you are thinking about revamping your old boxes and get new ones, go for it! I hope I have provided you with enough information about these boxes. Thanks for reading!

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